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Lamancha Dairy Goats



Boomtown Farm MB Gandalf - L001572286                                               DOB: 4/5/2011

   SS: Shammys TU Sentinel *B

Sire: Autumn-Acres Magnum

   SD: CH Autumn-Acres Miss Marmalade

    Boomtown Farm MB Gandalf

   DS: SG Me's-Ranch Dutch Harlequin ++*B

Dam: Becca's Harlequin Bahama AI 1*M

    DD: SGCH Becca's Medicine Aruba AI

Gandalf August 2014


Nun-Uddr-Dan Cool Texas Native AI - L001631855 (PB Buck)            DOB: 2/23/2013

   SS: One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Taipei

Sire: Hogg's Hideaway Chalupa

   SD: Hogg's Hideaway Chimera

Nun-Uddr-Dan Cool Texas Native

   DS: Dream-Fire LOX Aidan

Dam: Nun-Uddr-Dan Piper

   DD: Teats-N-Tails Double Stuff


Eros is an exciting young buck that we are using this year thanks to the Ike's Legacy herd Kenneth and Rebecca Welch. He is out of a doe that we sent to Dalton as a 4-H project. 


Nun-Uddr-Dan Reggio Calabria - L001974185 (PB Buck)            DOB: 6/01/2018

 SS: Hogg's-Hideaway Chalupa

Sire: Nun-Uddr-Dan Cool Texas Native  

SD: Nun-Uddr-Dan Piper

Nun-Uddr-Dan Reggio Calabria

   DS: Nun-Uddr-Dan Bad and Lawless

Dam: Nun-Uddr-Dan Italy

   DD: Nun-Uddr-Dan Do-A-Doubletake


Nun-Uddr-Dan Phanes - L002033090 (PB Buck)            DOB: 5/27/2018

SS: Latte Da SODV Adonis

Sire: Ike's Legacy Eros

SD: Nun-Uddr-Dan Leatus

Nun-Uddr-Dan Phanes

   DS: Nun-Uddr-Dan Cool Texas Native

Dam: Nun-Uddr-Dan Tex Lady

   DD: Nun-Uddr-Dan Do-A-Doubletake


Nun-Uddr-Dan LSP Goose AI- L002004710 (PB Buck)            DOB: 2/28/2019

SS: Quixote Kate's Kareem 

Sire: Lucky*Star's QK Pinnacle

SD: Lucky&*Star's QM New Age

Nun-Uddr-Dan LSP Goose

   DS: Dreamy Delights B Thorin

Dam: Nun-Uddr-Dan Fancy Wrap

   DD: Nun-Uddr-Dan Piper


Nun-Uddr-Dan A Double Deuce AI- L002004759 (PB Buck)            DOB: 2/25/2019

   SS: Little Orchard TF Xavier
Sire: Dream-Fire LOX Aidan

   Dam: Dream-Fire VH Wonder

Nun-Uddr-Dan Double Deuce

   DS: Teats-NUddr-Dan Cool Texas Native

Dam: Nun-Uddr-Dan Do--Doubletake

   DD: Nun-Uddr-Dan Do-A-Doubletake